Big Sur & Carmel

I could get used to living in a place where you’re traveling along the highway and you come across this.


This was my introduction to Big Sur. I had initially dedicated an entire day to seeing this part of Northern California, but I was happily driving along at sunset one evening when I realised I’d just driven California Highway 1 – the place I’d planned on exploring the next day. I couldn’t say I was too disappointed – even though it was an overcast day, sunset is a great time to take photos, so my snap happy fingers got to work.big-sur-2
Bixby Bridge

McWay Falls. Well, what can I say? This is certainly one of the most photographed places you’ll see on Instagram and the Internet these days. It was just another incredible experience on this road trip that was turning out to be way more awesome than I imagined possible. Getting to take this picture…another travel box ticked. Feeling humbled, in awe, and a million things in between. Plus, a homeless man with a bunny rabbit on his head gave me the peace sign. If that doesn’t make a day epic, I don’t know what does.


I decided to drive Highway 1 again the following morning. I mean, no could ever get sick of the view. The mist rolling in from the sea. I could never get sick of this view.

There are hikes to do in the area at the nearby Julia Pfeiffer Burns and Andrew Molera State Parks, but since I wasn’t spending much time in the area, I focused on exploring nearby Carmel and the famous 17 Mile Drive.

Carmel is a rich man’s retreat. From the fancy houses to the boutique stores lining the streets, only the very wealthy can afford to retire here. It’s very picturesque, and rather quaint, attested to by these photos of the streets of Carmel.

big-sur-12 big-sur-13 big-sur-14 big-sur-15

An absolute must-try in the Monterey Bay area is Phil’s Fish Market, where you’ll get an amazing clam chowder served in a bread “bowl”. Here’s me and my friend Phil, hanging out.

big-sur-8 big-sur-10

Abandoned cabin in Monterey, California.


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